The Story of “June” and "The June Project"
On June 17, 2004 the Aransas County Sheriff's
Department asked Dr. Mercer to help while they served
a mental health warrant to an animal hoarder.  When
Dr. Mercer and the staff arrived to the home, they faced
more than 50 animals living in deplorable conditions.  
Some animals ran loose, most were in cages.  Some
were hiding and aggressive and some were friendly.  
Some were even dead.  The animals that were alive
lived among the bodies of those who had passed
away.  Some bodies were even found in the
homeowners shower, refrigerator and walkways.
As the staff of Horizon Veterinary Clinic carried out the deceased bodies, Dr. Mercer and Officer Gavin
Harrison made their way through the more than 8 feet tall overgrowth of weeds and grass.  One by one
swift decisions had to be made if the pet was able to be saved or not.   If he pet was to be saved at what
and whose expense?  Then what?  Where would that animal live until it was able to be medically treated
and found a home.  What degree of medical treatments and rehabilitation were needed?   Would it have
emotional and behavioral problems?  Of course it would.

As Dr. Mercer and Officer Harrison came to the last cage, they were drained. They had been very slow in
their decision making of the fate of each animal.  Careful not to become numb to the surroundings,   they
gently spoke to each pet and tried to comfort them before each euthanasia.  One of the last dogs of the
day was a yellow haired, medium mix breed female dog.  She was thin to the point that you could see
every bone in her body.  Her 19# weight should have been in the 45 # range.  She was depleted of
energy.  Her gums were pale. She had ticks, fleas and only blood tests could reveal what else was wrong
with her.  The decision was made to euthanize her.  As Dr. Mercer gave her one last petting of her head
the dog licked her hand.  Dr. Mercer spoke to her and she wagged her tail.  The unnamed dog could
barely lift her head but Dr. Mercer decided today was not her day to die.  “Everybody needs a project”
she said to her staff as she loaded her into the back of the SUV.  The yellow haired dog was named
“June” as a reminder of what she and the other dogs went through prior to and on that horrible day.
At the end of the day about half were saved
and half had to be euthanized.  Those that
were not in immediate medical need were
taken to the Humane Society of Aransas
County.  Those that needed immediate care
were taken to Dr. Mercer’s clinic for
treatment.  The staff was drained but the day
was really only beginning. … "June” was in
need of a blood transfusion.

That day was the beginning of establishing
“The June Project”.  The June Project was
established as a means to take in homeless,
hurt and sick animals and give them the
medical attention they need.  After they are
treated and then spayed or neutered Horizon
Veterinary Clinic keeps them until they are
placed into a loving home.

We have annual yard sales and monthly
raffles to raise money to care for the financial
needs of these wonderful animals. Since 2004
we have rehabilited and placed 508 animals
as of March 31st, 2013. We are committed to
this cause and to bring awareness to the
problem of hoarders and neglected animals
even though we continually are running in the
red about $3,000 to $6,000.00. This number
varies depending on donations and current
animals in treatment.

“June” today is a very healthy, 47#, happy
member of Dr. Mercer’s family.  She goes to
work with her every day along with the other
seven June project rescue dogs.  She sleeps
next to Dr. Mercer and stares out of the
window if she is left for a short period of time
until her friend that saved her returns.
Donations can also be sent to: Horizon Veterinary Clinic / P.O. Box 190 / Fulton Texas 78358
Please feel free to call us (361) 729-7484.  Many sincere thanks for your help!
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